Theory of Conservation

While it is important that we enjoy and relish the present, it is equally important that we ensure that children of the future also enjoy this privilege. With this in mind, PNCCS has set up a digital noticeboard using Google to disseminate important notifications to students and parents and thereby minimize the use of paper.

PNCCS is also committed towards increasing green cover in a city that is increasingly becoming a concrete jungle. Every member of the PNCCS founding batch has a tree against his/her name inside the campus and the importance of green cover to both a city and a person is constantly reiterated to the students and teachers alike.

Our efforts towards a more sustainable society saw us participate in the Seed Balls program where seeds were rolled inside mud balls and scattered in open spaces around the Kadugodi area which will one day lead to increased green cover.

Soft-Skill building

PNCCS believes that learning occurs beyond the boundaries of the classroom as well. In line with our aim to nurture each child into a confident and well-informed young adult, PNCCS involves children in co-curricular activities at state of the art activity rooms where students are encouraged to express their opinions without inhibitions. Our twin initiatives of “Speakathon” and “Thoughtcast” have been specially designed to provide students with the confidence to speak their mind clearly and eliminate stage fright at an early stage..

PNCCS in association with the Times Newspaper in Education (NIE) program sees the children receiving a copy of the student edition of Times of India on every working day which will be utilized for further discussions by students and teachers during “Speakathon” and “Thoughtcast” sessions. Students’ contribution such as poems, articles, drawings etc., will also be featured in subsequent editions of Times NIE.

Social Responsibility

It is not enough that our children are knowledgeable and physically fit. It is equally important that a sense of responsibility towards the society around us is inculcated within them at an early age. PNCCS educates every member of the school in proper segregation of waste and encourages them to practice the same at home.

Many children today are blessed with loving parents and comfortable lives. However, we believe that it is essential that students are sensitized towards the difficulties that so many children in India face with regards to access to a good education and regular food. PNCCS was part of the Run Kadugodi Run event in association with Decathlon Sports Old Madras Road, to raise awareness and funds for underprivileged girl children.

Our policy of Inclusive Education, derived from the Finnish Model, is specifically designed to ensure that every child is trained to overcoming their inhibitions and thereby becoming enriched human beings themselves

This is the first of many such events that PNCCS will take an active part in to sensitize students towards being socially responsible and aware individuals in addition to knowledge and physical fitness.


In an increasingly globalized world, children of today do not have access to adequate open spaces to play in. In addition, it is rare that they have access to a peer group that they can play with. PNCCS believes that games are an essential part of a child’s education and equate it with classroom activities. The benefits of sports, be it indoors or outdoors, such as camaraderie, mental and physical fitness, decision making, is invaluable to a child’s growth.

The children at PNCCS are engaged in an hour of sport activities, both indoor and outdoor, every day. Children are taught to play chess and carom and few Indian games that were designed to foster quick thinking, awareness and decision-making abilities..

PNCCS in association with Footieculture provides world class infrastructure for the children to play football, cricket, badminton, athletic activities, basketball, skating and swimming. Children foundation years will participate in all games on a rotational basis and will be allowed to specialize in a single

in their senior years. To add to the learning beyond the classroom, PNCCS will also introduce games that were a part of ancient Indian culture that are designed to foster quick thinking, awareness and decision making abilities.


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